Award-winning Newfoundland and Labrador artist Brenda Rowe specializes in artwork that allows viewers to recount fond memories or to explore common subjects in new and interesting ways.

Brenda captures the essence of iconic scenery and tells a story of life by land and by sea. Brenda not only paints landscapes and seascapes, but also explores the flora and fauna, people, history and heritage in her paintings. Visitors and residents alike find themselves lost in happy memories evoked by Brenda’s imagery.

Her keen eye locks into fine details, which inspires her to create compositions that focus on detailed, cropped perspectives of common subjects. A body of work emerged that focused on the macro view of subjects. Brenda zooms in on specific areas of interest within the subject. This process of enlarging smaller parts of subject allows for a new interpretation of subject that would be otherwise hidden from the viewer’s eye. Often, Brenda’s work cannot be contained by conventional scale. There’s a pleasant play on canvas sizes – sometimes a small flower or candy blown up to disproportionate scale on larger canvases, while larger scenes may be shrunk to be suspended in smaller frames.

GLOWE (in-the-Dark) art was also inspired by Brenda’s interest in creating images that both unveil pleasing memories and unanticipated views. Using over a dozen glow-in-the-dark pigments, she can create a daytime image that transforms into a completely new image after dark.

The macro views and image duality in Brenda’s work is calculated. Whether it is a detailed, cropped perspective of an everyday or common subject, or an image that displays two varied views in different lighting conditions, she is often looking for avenues of the unexpected.

In addition to her original artwork, Brenda offers fine art wall reproductions (designer canvas, aluminum, floating photo panel, framed acrylic, and 8″x8″ framed canvas), art gift products (note cards, coasters, boxed porcelain ornaments, 500pc jigsaw puzzles, and matted prints), and of course GLOWE.

Brenda is a Certified Instructor and Therapeutic Art Life Coach with over 20 years of experience, and currently offers a variety of ONLINE art classes and workshops.

Brenda’s diverse portfolio of artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, on tv/radio shows, in magazines, and as an Artist in Residence. She is a juried member of the Craft Council of NL, Visual Arts Director with the Torbay Folk Arts Council, and Founder of Arts Northeast. Brenda is also known for her photographic skills, taking many of her own reference photos for her artwork, and also offers her photography for sale. Brenda’s artwork and photography has been collected internationally, nationally and provincially. For over 20 years, Brenda has been creating and teaching art in her studio overlooking the ocean in Torbay, NL, Canada.

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