Portal FAQ for Producers

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding the Craft Alliance web portal for producers.

What is the Purpose and Function of the Craft Alliance craft portal?

The purpose of the craft portal is to engage craft producers from Atlantic Canada with new audiences of retailers globally, for wholesale relationship building, developing opportunities for exporting and create resources for craft businesses to build sustainability in Atlantic Canada.

Do I need to already have a website to register for the Craft Alliance craft portal?

No – the Craft Alliance site is designed to offer an affordable alternative to investing in your own website, or to act as a complement to your already established web presence. We encourage you to share the profile you create here on any social media platforms or websites you operate, but it is not a requirement.

Is this a sales platform?

The Craft Alliance site is not a sales platform or web store, but rather a networking platform for wholesale and exporting. Our goal is to connect craft producers with retailers, and facilitate their business relationships. We do not handle sales transactions or take any percentage of sales, nor do we take responsibility for any transactions that occur between users who connect through this site.

What are the requirements for registration on the website?

To host your products on the Craft Alliance site there are two requirements:

  1. Your product must be produced in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland or New Brunswick and your company must be located in Atlantic Canada.
  2. Your product will be juried for quality, workmanship and wholesale-readiness by a committee made up from a representative of each of the 4 Atlantic provinces.
How do I get started?

You must set up a profile. For help navigating the system, you can contact the Craft Alliance office.

When completing your application, you will be asked to submit:

  • Your wholesale catalog and/or list.
  • Good quality images that CLEARLY show the product. We suggest uploading at least 3-5 samples that best display your work. If you have more than one product line (i.e. jewellery and pottery), please send in examples of both. Do not add any Photoshop elements or special effects. Photos will be shown to jury committee members who are outside of your province for review. Images can be uploaded directly through the portal, or sent to the ACTS office by mailing a CD or by email.
  • $200 deposit fee, which will be charged at the end of your registration. This deposit will be credited toward your Craft East Buyers’ Expo participation for the coming year, or applied to your subscription fees, once your application is approved.

Once your product images, deposit and application have been received you may be contacted by the CRAFT ALLIANCE office with instructions to deliver physical product samples to your home province’s provincial craft organization. Products will be returned after jurying is completed. Should your product not be accepted, your fees will be refunded in full along with an explanation as to the reason it was not accepted at this time.

What does my registration get me?

Your registration as a producer grants you access to an online network of buyers and sellers of craft goods in the form of a one-year membership, effective starting the date your registration is accepted.

Features included with your producer registration include:

  • Custom business page – brand yourself and appeal to potential buyers by making this page your own
  • Product display – upload high-resolution product images for browsing to give buyers the best idea of your product design and quality they can expect
  • Direct contact with retailers – if a potential buyer likes your product, they can contact you directly through the site to request pricing, manufacturing information, additional images, etc.
  • Access to Craft Alliance initiatives – the Craft Alliance will periodically offer unique opportunities to participate in trade missions and shows such as Toronto Gift Fair, SOFA Chicago, NY Now and more. You can apply to participate in these initiatives when they arise. (Craft Alliance special trade initiatives typically involve a separate jurying process for selection of participants and are subject to limited capacity for support, depending on the project)
  • Craft Alliance business development resources – we have developed a variety of resources to aid craft producers who wish to enter wholesale markets for their products. By logging in to our site, you gain access to these resources, as well as the ability to contact the Craft Alliance office directly to schedule consultations for your business development projects.
What if I apply then change my mind?

If you decide to withdraw your profile from the Craft Alliance site and contact us before the application is accepted, we will refund your deposit. If you choose to withdraw after you are accepted but before the 1-year membership period ends, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the number of months remaining in your subscription.

Are there any other costs I should be aware of?

At the current time, we only charge for your yearly membership. We are working to offer advertising rates for businesses who would like to run banner ads or have their listings appear at the top of search results. Updates will be sent to you via email as new features become available.

Some projects, including the Craft East Buyers’ Expo, will cost an additional fee for participation.