Eastwood Pottery is a small batch ceramic pottery based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Peter and Sarah Eastwood work together in their studio creating beautiful pieces of pottery for everyday use that change how you live your life.  In the busyness of life, it is important to slow down and savour the ordinary.  When you hold one of our handmade pieces, you take the time to be present in the moment.
“The most magical stage of making for me is taking a solid mass of wet clay and using very controlled pressure from your fingers to create an empty vessel.  Creating very delicate pressure creates negative space.  You are creating the air in between, using the wheel. It’s such a balance.  To do things well, you need a very sensitive touch to control the clay.  If you are stressed or aggressive, the clay will not respond to your touch.  You need to be in an almost meditative state in the studio – relaxed with controlled breathing so you can connect with the clay.  Sometimes you can find yourself holding your breath when throwing, and you need to be conscious of your breath.  Your breathing controls your touch.”
We specialize in mid-range porcelain fired to cone 6 / 2200°F in our electric kilns.  All glazes are custom hand made on site and are food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Each glaze has been specially formulated to match the clay body. Customized layered pieces can have between one to seven glazes. We layer our glazes using different applications, which have varying effects.
Peter uses the wheel to create traditional pottery such as mugs, plates, teapots and bowls.  Peter enjoys incorporating a lot of process into his work.  He often takes an idea inspired by nature in Nova Scotia and uses it as a launching point to create graphics that are silk screened onto the pottery, complimented by glazes that are chosen to match the image and idea.  Sarah spends much of her time hand building whimsical miniature lighthouses and tiny houses.  Many are replicas of popular Maritime destinations.
Peter and Sarah are parents of three teens, enjoy running, staying active, and love spending time outdoors in our beautiful province.