Welcome to the Resources section of the Craft Alliance Web Portal. Here you’ll find a number of helpful tools for craft producers looking to expand their business into the areas of export and wholesale. To access these resources, you need to register for a web portal membership.

The resources you’ll find when logged-in include:

Diagnostic Tools

Export Diagnostic: Our Export Diagnostic will help you think critically about the different aspects of your craft business that you will need to develop in order to become export-ready. Digging into the details of your production and marketing processes, we’ll tell you if you are at an “Optimum”, “Strong Potential” or “Exploring” level of readiness for that portion of exporting.

Wholesale-readiness Diagnostic: In development

Step-by-step guides

We’ve developed two comprehensive guides specific to the Craft Industry: Ready, Set, Go! Wholesale Guide and Exporting: A Step by Step Process. These guides offer an in-depth look at the worlds of Wholesale and Exporting, giving you important insight on how to prepare to move your craft business forward by attending domestic and international trade shows, building relationships with buyers, pricing for different markets, achieving sales margins that will allow you to grow, and more.


Similarly to the guides, our checklists for Wholesale and Export readiness give you a starting point for examining your business in a critical way to identify areas of your business that need to be addressed before taking the next steps into those fields.

Important Documents

Direct links to important legal documents in the exporting process will help you save time in digging through government websites on both sides of the border.

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