About the Alliance

For over 40 years, the four Atlantic provincial governments have been working together to assist the craft industry in Atlantic Canada. Craft East Buyers’ Expo is a new event and the main trade activity for this purpose, launching in 2018.  In 2009, the government partners involved in producing the expo (formerly the Atlantic Craft Trade Show) developed a new organizational model to more effectively involve and engage the craft industry in our region.

As a result, a pan-Atlantic trade association was formed to further develop the sector and begin the process of government and industry partners working together on a pan-Atlantic basis for the benefit of all craft related organizations in Atlantic Canada.


  • To provide marketing opportunities for Atlantic Provinces producers of quality craft, apparel and giftware products
  • To encourage entry into wholesale and export markets and to enhance the professionalism, education and advancement of the above sectors in Atlantic Canada.


  • Conduct, coordinate, and encourage effective marketing and development of the craft, giftware and apparel sectors in Atlantic Canada
  • Research, publish and advocate for craft sector development with our craft organization members and partners in the region
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information and policy in the craft, giftware and apparel sectors
  • Provide developmental services and opportunities to the craft, giftware and apparel sectors
  • Engage in activities like trade shows, export missions, and workshops which will enhance the professionalism, education and advancement of the craft, giftware and apparel sectors in the region

About the Craft Portal

The Craft Alliance Atlantic web portal has been in conceptual development for several years, with the goal of establishing a digital companion to the Craft East Buyers’ Expo (formerly Atlantic Craft Tradeshow — ACTS).

In our 2015 Pan-Atlantic Consultation, both buyers and producers expressed an interest in seeing an enhanced online presence for wholesale networking and the trade show, that would include producer profiles, with the ability to post and view new products throughout the year. The plan to develop an enhanced Craft East Buyers’ Expo website was included as part of our Communications Plan within the Envision 20/20: Framework for Success update in June 2015.

Our Framework for Success found that buyers’ survey responses indicated overwhelmingly that they found value in seeing a handmade product in person before ordering it (97% responded “Yes”), we believe this new online presence can grow to become a strong complement to the physical trade show, which we hope will continue to grow.