Craft East Buyers’ Expo FAQ

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding the Craft East Buyers’ Expo. This page will give craftspeople thinking about wholesaling their products an outline about participating in the Craft East Buyers’ Expo. Please contact our office should you have further questions or would like to investigate your options in wholesale market development.
How Do I Qualify for Craft East?

To qualify for Craft East Buyers’ Expo there are three stipulations:

  1. Your product must be manufactured in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador or New Brunswick.
  2. You company must also be physically located in Atlantic Canada*.
  3. Your product will be juried for quality and workmanship by a committee made up from a representative of each of the 4 Atlantic provinces.
OK, so then what?

You must first set up a profile through our Online Craft Portal system, then apply to the Craft East Buyers’ Expo online (refer to Projects on your Dashboard). For help navigating the system, you can contact the Craft Alliance office, or see our online tutorial.

When completing your application, you will be asked to submit:

  • 3-5 product samples that best showcase your work. If you have more than one product line (i.e. jewellery and pottery), please send in examples of both.
  • Good quality images that CLEARLY show the product. Do not add any Photoshop elements or special effects. Photos will be shown to jury committee members who are outside of your province for review. Images can be uploaded directly through the portal.
  • $250 + HST deposit fee, which is to accompany the application.

The committee may ask to see physical samples of your work, if they have questions or concerns over the quality, finish, or packaging of the product. You will be contacted by our office, should product samples or any additional support materials be required.

What can I expect at the Show?

Your registration with Craft East Buyers’ Expo places you in an exciting buying & selling environment, with multiple floors of the Homewood Suites hotel facility dedicated to Craft East suite exhibiting. The all-suites hotel will be essentially transformed, for the weekend, into an Atlantic Showcase featuring “storefronts” containing the best in handmade products from the region. The Conference Centre located within the same building (between both hotels) will also be host to craft producers and provincial craft organizations. These two exhibiting areas will be mapped out clearly for visiting buyers, and Craft East staff will be on hand throughout the weekend to assist buyers in navigating the show, and to attend to any possible issues that may arise.

What does my registration get me?

With your registration, you choose the type of booth you’d like to exhibit in at the show (details below), which includes a listing in our show guide, and a 1-year subscription membership with the Craft Alliance’s online Craft Portal. The Craft Portal is a new resource created by the Craft Alliance that allows you to connect with potential buyers through an online platform, featuring Atlantic Canadian wholesale producers exclusively.

A major advantage to the suite-style exhibiting approach is that as an exhibitor, your registration fee also pays for your accommodations for the weekend. Along with the exhibiting style that you choose, your fees help to support marketing efforts by Craft East Buyers’ Expo to promote the wholesale expo, as well as special events to occur on-site during the weekend, such as the Atlantic Canada Craft Awards for Excellence Presentation & Networking event on Saturday night, and wholesaling/exporting workshops.

In addition, you will get a listing (wording of your choice) in the Craft East Buyers’ Expo show guide, along with advertising opportunities. After the show, Craft East will provide (free of charge) a complete listing of all company names, buyers and addresses of those who attended the show for purpose of follow up and promotion.

What if I apply then change my mind?

If it is within the deadlines as stipulated on the application form, your booth fees will be refunded less the deposit, which is not refundable.

How much are Booth Fees to exhibit in Craft East?

There are two types of booths available: Hotel Suite Exhibit and Conference Centre Showcase. Craft East Buyers’ Expo additionally has an emerging artist program for which participants must qualify; ask us for details.

ALL Prices for Craft East Expo are stated on the Projects page of the website.

Suites (ALL-Suite) Exhibits includes the use of a full hotel suite for 3 nights).

Pricing for Conference Centre Showcases includes various sized booth option from Emerging producers who may qualify for a
Micro Booth or other options based on square footage; please inquire with our office about this option.

Details of what is included with each type of showcase opportunities is included in the Craft East Buyers’ Expo newsletters or on the Project page. Sign Up today!


What does a Hotel Suite Exhibit style booth involve?

Your registration of a hotel suite booth grants you the use of your suite for exhibiting, in addition to being your accommodations for the weekend. Display tables are available upon request. Room includes kitchenette and living room, size depends on room configuration. You have the opportunity to prepare your own meals, entertain your visiting Buyers and participate in all activities of the Craft East Buyers’ Expo over the entire weekend. Complimentary Hot Buffet Breakfast daily, Complimentary Wi-fi, Housekeeping each morning before expo opens. Use of hotel complex facilities (pool, fitness centre), parking at an additional cost, if required.

Can I share a suite with someone else?

It is possible for more than one company to share a hotel suite. This will depend on the nature of the product and the set-up required to effectively display your products.

There is an extra charge for additional companies sharing a suite. The additional charge covers show guide listing and inclusion in expo event activities and the Virtual Marketplace. Please see the Projects page for details.

Exhibitors sharing suites must register online separately and each indicate that they will be sharing a space; the first registrant must pay the trade show fee in full. Division of costs must be arranged between the participating exhibitors.

NOTE: Hotel Suites only have 1 King bed, so anyone sharing may have to book extra accommodations within the Homewood Suite or Hampton Inn.

What is included with Conference Centre Showcase booths?

Participation cost includes: exhibit space in the hotel Conference Centre, white pipe & drape, tables (if required), wi-fi, electrical service is included.  Conference Showcases will include participation in all Craft East Buyers’ Expo over the weekend.

Due to limited space in the conference centre will NOT be permitting shared spaces in this area of the Expo. Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. A percentage of space will be allocated for those participants not requiring hotel rooms or for special group showcases.

Are there any other costs I should be aware of?

There are some other costs associated with participating in a trade show. It is recommended to bring materials for display in your Suite exhibit, or to prepare a full booth display for Conference room exhibitors. Electrical power is provided in the booth fee, as noted above. Most exhibitors bring their own lighting, though lighting can also be rented from the show contractor, Global Convention Services. Conference Centre exhibitors can use the ceiling lights provided, however, there are some areas of the show where lighting may not be sufficient. Exhibitors may want to consult with the Craft East office before ordering additional lighting. Depending on your booth display, other costs might include: product merchandisers and displays, shipping your materials to the show and of course the costs associated with overnight travel to Halifax (for those not booking suite exhibits).

Is this Show for me?

As a wholesale show you would be selling in quantity and therefore must be able to produce in quantity to fill wholesale orders and deliver those order on time, to retailers.

See our Resources section for more tips and tools for determining your wholesale readiness.

What would I have to bring as an Exhibitor?

Being a wholesale show is open only to the trade, rather than the general public, you would need only a selection of product that would represent your wholesale business. Orders are taken for your product rather than goods delivered at the point of sale, so no volume of product would be required at the show.

Imagine your booth as your store and as such, a business establishment. You should be prepared to do the business of selling your product and have the basic tools for selling. These should include: order pad, business cards, brochures and a price list. If you plan to sell to U.S. Buyers, then you should have a second price list with your product in U.S. dollars. You should be certain of your terms of sale i.e. C.O.D., net 30 days, and of any show specials or volume discounts, as well as shipping processes and costs.

What type of buyers will I see at Craft East?

Mostly you will meet buyers who are buying for general craft & gift shops, galleries, hotels, drug stores, tourist establishments, museums, clothing shops and jewellery stores. Craft East also invites buyers outside our region, from across Canada and the U.S., through our Incoming Buyers Program.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The booth spaces at Craft East are expected to fill up fast, due to a limited amount of space available. All applications and jurying are done through the web portal system. We suggest completing your application process and deposit at the earliest possible date to ensure your receive your requested showcase location.  If you would like to be included in our email distribution and notified of upcoming show information, please contact the Craft East office.