COLLECT Educational Mission – London, UK


DEADLINE: December 12, 2019

Artists seeking to attend Collect 2020 & Exhibit in 2021 must select the “Participant Jury Fee” registration option & complete the cart payment to be considered. “Observers” should contact Bernard Burton – Please read entire project details below for full registration process.

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The Crafts Council UK founded Collect in 2004 with the aim to build the profile and sales for collectable craft and to promote the very best galleries and artists in the field. It continues to be the only gallery-presented art fair dedicated to modern craft and design in the United Kingdom.

For 2020, Collect is moving to a striking new home at Somerset House and is excited to be taking over a large number of beautiful rooms, presenting a new environment for Collect exhibitors to contextualize and curate modern craft. Collect will occupy the large gallery wings at Somerset House, overlooking the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court. Collect is well-positioned at the start of the international cultural calendar and presents an opportunity to discover and invest in exceptional work produced in the last five years by living artists, much of which is made especially for the Fair.

Through the years Collect has been instrumental to defining and growing the market for contemporary craft. Collect celebrates over 400 artists presented by galleries coming from across the globe to this London stage. Half of the exhibitors come from outside the UK, with an impressive spread of European galleries as well an increased range of galleries from Asia.


In March 2019, Craft Alliance led an exploratory mission to Collect 2019 with craft industry partners from Atlantic Canada, which included meetings with the Collect organizers to discuss potential future participation by Canadian artists.

For 2020, Craft Alliance is planning an educational mission of artist/makers to attend Collect 2020 with a future plan to exhibit at Collect in 2021-22. The mission will be juried with the intention of including the 2020 participants in our first Collect exhibition for 2021, pending approval of funding. The 2020 project will be led by Craft Alliance Atlantic and Craft NB in partnership with the Canadian Crafts Federation.

There is currently a limited amount of travel assistance funding available for participants from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, based on funding received from the respective provincial government departments. Applicants from NS/NB must be permanent residents of those provinces to receive funding assistance. Applicants from outside the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are welcome, however, those participants are not eligible for this specific support, and would be required to seek their own funding sources from their home province or self-fund their participation.

Craft Alliance will coordinate a small group of contemporary makers to attend Collect 2020 in London, England at the end of February 2020.  The project and jury selection will focus on those whom the committee feels have the most potential to be shown at a future Collect exhibition, based on the criteria outlined by Collect.

Craft Alliance and Craft NB will work with our provincial crafts council partners and other industry experts to identify and select participants for the program, including the Canadian Crafts Federation.

The educational mission will include travel to London, UK to attend Collect. Participants will attend workshops and a lecture series hosted by Collect, and tour galleries and studios in the greater London area. Participants must participate in all elements of the mission program.

This mission is an opportunity for Atlantic Canadian contemporary craft practitioners to learn key principals of marketing their work to International galleries, museums and collectors in the global markets of the UK and Europe.

Application & Jury Review Process

Jury Review Applications Fee – $ 30. plus HST (due on application)
Project Participation Fee*      – $250. plus HST (due January 10, 2020)*

 *Participation fees are in addition to travel costs. Funding for travel assistance may be available. Please see notes below on Financial Assistance.

Please Note: This project is a competitive process. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Participants selected will be required to sign a letter of agreement at the time of acceptance, confirming their participation in the program and contractually binding them to the requirements of the funding. All fees are non-refundable.

Eligibility Requirements:  General Criteria
Collect is dedicated to modern craft and design, showcasing exceptional contemporary works in ceramics, glass, metal, wood and textiles and makers working in non-traditional materials with experimental techniques.

Participant Criteria:
– Must not be currently represented at Collect
– Must submit an application to Craft Alliance, as noted below under Application Deadline
– Must submit jury fee at time of application $30. Plus HST
– Must commit to entire agenda of the mission.
– Must be approved by Craft Alliance jury committee for participation
– Must agree to participate in all follow-up surveys on project results
– Must hold a valid passport required for air travel to the United Kingdom

Craft Specific Criteria:
– Must be a professional artist/maker
– Must have produced an independent body of work over at least 2 years following completion of training
– Must have had at least 1 public presentation of your work in a professional capacity
– Must be actively seeking International market exposure.
– Previous International exhibition experience preferred (outside of Canada)
– Work must be contemporary works in ceramics, glass, metal, wood and textiles (i.e, produced within the past 5 years)
– Recent work not previously shown at other International fairs is desirable.
– Makers working in non-traditional materials and experimental works are desirable.
– Commitment to participation in a future Collect exhibition, pending funding.
– Scale and size of work may be a consideration. The ability of the applicant(s) to work within a specified scale for the purposes of Collect is favorable. This is due to market demands in the UK and also for future shipping considerations.
– Established mid-career or emerging contemporary craft practitioner(s) currently living and working in Atlantic Canada, with a focus on a contemporary fine craft practice and with sufficient exhibition experience for International level exhibition.
– The review committee will consist of craft sector specific experts. The committee will review all applications for suitability for participation in the program with consideration for balance of media on the mission. Applications will be reviewed based on: previous exhibition experience, body of work and suitability for Collect, and the makers readiness for export markets.

Deadline for Applications:  December 12, 2019

– The project will accept 4 applicants from Nova Scotia and 4 applicants from New Brunswick to receive funding assistance for travel costs associated with the mission.
– Participants from other provinces will be considered, and if approved they would be responsible for finding travel assistance on their own or to self-fund their participation.
– A wait list will be created, once final decisions have been made, in case of a cancellation
– We are open to accepting applications from members of the craft community as  “Observer Participants” for those interested in attending the mission, however, those applications will not be eligible for funding assistance. Observers are not juried.
– The decision of the review committee is final.
– The review and approval process will be completed by December 20, 2019 with travel bookings being made shortly thereafter.
– Applications will be received by the Craft Alliance online portal, up to 2:00 pm on December 12, 2019. Payment of Application fee will be received on the web portal at the time of application. All fees are non-refundable.

For those Applicants who will be seeking travel assistance funding within your own province, PLEASE submit your application to Craft Alliance by the deadline, as most funding sources will verify your eligibility to participate with our office.

Dates / Timeline – Submission of Application (Key Dates)
– Deadline for Applications – December 12, 2019 at 2:00 pm via online PORTAL
– Review of Applications – upon receipt of application, completed by December 18
– Applicants Notified of Acceptance – December 20
– Confirmed Attendance – December 30
– Travel Bookings and Confirmation by December 31, 2019
– Pre-mission information by February 1, 2020
MINIMUM TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS – February 26 – March 2, 2020
– February 26 – travel to London
– February 27 – arrival in London / Collect Gala Preview
– February 28 – tour of London Galleries/Studios
– February 29 – return visit to Collect
– March 1 – tour Museums in London
– March 2 – return to Canada

Educational Program
A complete program and itinerary will be developed by Craft Alliance that will include workshops and travel to various sites around London to experience how contemporary craft is presented in this market. As noted in the application process and criteria, all participants must participate in all aspects of the mission for the entire period of the program.

Financial Assistance: What is Covered?
– Approved applicants from NS/NB will receive funding assistance of 50% of the cost to attend Collect up to a maximum contribution of $2,100. per person. Budget estimates are noted below. Participants must be permanent residents of NS/NB to receive funding. Please do not apply, if you are unable to commit to the financial requirements & costs as indicated.

– Participants not covered by funding assistance may consider seeking alternative sources of funding within your own province for travel assistance. If you are unsure about how to proceed, please contact us immediately. Contact Bernard Burton Travel assistance funding can take several months to access, so we suggest you apply as soon as possible to secure funding in time for the February event.

– Participants are required to pay a Participation Fee of $250. + HST, CAD per person. This covers costs related to admission fees and related costs of hosting the group while in London.

Estimated Costs
The total estimated cost of the travel is between $2,800. – $4,200. Canadian dollars per person. Participants that are covered by our NS/NB funding will be reimbursed at 50% of actual receipts to a maximum contribution of $2,100.

Important Note: Participants must cover 50% of all costs, no matter what the contribution from NS/NB funders. This is often overlooked by some previous participants.  Extended Stays – Anyone wishing to arrive in London at an earlier date or stay later is free to do that, at their own cost.

WHY the Broad Range in Potential Costs??
Based on current flight and hotel costs, it is possible to complete the educational mission travel within a budget of about $3,000. Canadian dollars. This will depend on when flights are booked, routes taken and departure city.  Seat selection and baggage costs range depending on the airlines and flight selected and are more expensive on international flights.

All costs within the UK have a 20% VAT Tax added into prices and currency exchange rates with the Canadian Dollar and Pound Sterling are currently around 1.76, so these costs can easily inflate the budget.  The mission will require a minimum of 5 nights.  The Budget figures are based on the 4 hotel nights of the mission. The first night (departure) is an overnight flight to London.

Hotels are very expensive in London – If selected, participants interested in sharing hotel rooms with another participant can easily save $600., over the entire stay. Once participants are confirmed we will explore reduced group hotel rates. Participants must stay at the official group hotel.

To Apply:
– complete the mission application form on Craft Alliance Portal
– submit payment for application fee of $30. plus HST = $34.50
– submit 6 digital images of current work (MUST be made within the past 5 years)
– submit CV
– submit biography and artist statement
– participants will be notified of their acceptance upon review of applications

Applications are accepted by completing a Producer Profile on the Craft Alliance web portal.  There is a process on the portal to upload images and PDF documents to the site.  Please read instructions below.

If you wish to participate as an Observer, you are not required to complete the online portal profile. Craft Alliance will invoice you for the participation fees. Contact Bernard Burton to Register.

Project Contact:
Bernard Burton, Executive Director
Craft Alliance ~ Alliance métiers d’arts

February 26, 2020
March 2, 2020
Project Type:
Somerset House
London United Kingdom
Bernard Burton
Craft Alliance Atlantic Assoc