Toronto Craft Lab Incubator: Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully before submitting your registration

This contract is between Craft Alliance Atlantic Association of Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Producer/Participating Company as registered online with the Craft Alliance portal. I/We hereby apply to participate in the Craft Lab – SME Incubator Project to take place at the Toronto Gift + Home Market, Toronto, ON, January 28 – February 1, 2024.

Participants must confirm acknowledgement of the Contact and Terms & Conditions in writing and on the Craft Alliance portal to accept the contract as presented.

All potential Craft Lab participating companies are advised that the Toronto Gift + Home Market is for the wholesale/retail trade only and all applicants must have the capability to produce in sufficient volume to meet market demands. Craft Alliance Atlantic Assoc. reserves the right to refuse an application from potential and previous exhibitors who have demonstrated unethical business practices in dealing with Retailers and other participating companies.

Participants must be confirmed by Craft Alliance in writing by email to participate in the project. Once confirmed, payment must be made in advance to hold their position in the shared booth space, as a confirmed participant. Payment can be made by credit card or e-transfer, from the participants online profile on the Craft Alliance portal. Total cost is based on the amount of space required in the shared booth space + HST.

Cancellation: Participation fees are due at time of confirmation and are on a first come, first served basis. Participants will incur a $250 Cancellation Fee if they register and withdraw before the cancellation date. Cancellation after the deadline will result in forfeiture of 100% of fees paid. Craft Alliance will return fees paid, or a portion thereof, minus the $250 cancellation fee if Craft Alliance is able to fill the space left vacant in the booth, provided it is at least 21 days prior to show set-up dates.

Participants must abide by all rules and regulations as outlined by Craft Alliance Atlantic Association and as directed by the official exhibitor manual of the Canadian Gift Association and the Toronto Gift + Home Market. The Craft Alliance regulations will take precedent over show rules and regulations.

Additionally, I/We understand our company will be responsible for all costs of travel, accommodation, meals, product shipping and incidentals. We understand that our company will be required to participate and complete the Craft Alliance Online Business Profile and two post-show surveys as part of the ACOA funded project. Failure to comply and complete any aspect of the surveys will result in the participating company being subject to future exclusion from initiatives.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Craft Lab SME Incubator is a shared booth space of Atlantic Canadian producers, who are guests of Craft Alliance Atlantic while exhibiting in the project. Exhibitor listings in the official show guide and other online marketing and promotional tools, will be listed as Craft Lab Incubator by Craft Alliance Atlantic Association.
  • The Craft Lab SME Incubator Project is subject to approval by our funding partners and Craft Alliance Atlantic Association’s capacity. As such, this project may be subject to cancellation at any time. If cancelled for any reason, participants will receive a full refund of monies paid to date for direct show costs paid to Craft Alliance Atlantic.
  • Craft Alliance Atlantic is not responsible for any loss of income or costs incurred, for any ancillary costs associated with participation in the Craft Lab SME Incubator.
  • Craft Alliance Atlantic will hold required third party Liability Insurance for the management of the booth space, while on location at the Toronto Gift + Home Market. Liability insurance does not extend to loss of product due to any event(s) or activity with being present including theft or other causes while at the trade show. Participants are advised to seek out their own insurance should they feel it necessary.
  • The Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show is a professional development initiative to support the development and wholesale expansion of participating producers. As such, professional conduct and communication are expected of all participants in the lead up, on site, and in post of the trade show.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show qualify to participate up to three times before they will no longer be eligible for this project. Participating shows are not required to be sequential and any producer not upholding their agreements with Craft Alliance Atlantic may be denied participation subject at the discretion of Craft Alliance Atlantic Association in the application stage of any show.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show will be required to complete two (2) surveys in post of their show participation. Should surveys not be completed and submitted to Craft Alliance future participation in the Incubator may be revoked.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show are required to be on site during show hours, prepared to conduct business and understand that participation does require long days, limited breaks and long periods of standing. Accessibility requirements for producers who need them will be addressed accordingly on an individual basis.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that space availability in the booth is first-come, first-served based on both expression of interest and payment completion by prospective participants.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that their participation in the booth space does not guarantee a specific booth location and booth design is subject to change based on: producer and product mix diversification, signage requirements, producer cancellation or additions in post of application period, or the discretion of Craft Alliance Atlantic organizers.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that application for this project does not guarantee participation and producers may be subject to wait-listing as the booth fills up.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that they are to be in communication with the Craft Alliance On-Site Contact for the duration of the show run as needed.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that they are responsible to ensure their transportation to and from the Toronto Congress Centre for show hours should they choose not to stay on or near the official airport strip hotel and utilize the show shuttle buses or public transit options.
  • In the event of being unable to attend the show to sell your own product, appointment of an appropriate representative will be required with contact information for each representative shared with the Craft Alliance Atlantic organizers prior to show open dates and times.
  • Craft Alliance Atlantic Association does not assume responsibility for any lost or delayed shipments of product or show materials to or from the Toronto Home + Gift Show, flight cancellations or lost luggage claims. Booth participants are expected to plan their travel in accordance with the show set-up and tear-down dates provided.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that as this is a professional environment use of cell phones in the booth are to be limited to business only. Personal calls must be taken away from the booth.
  • Participants of the Craft Lab SME Incubator booth at the Toronto Home + Gift Show understand that there is no video or photo of other producers, products or booths at any time as per the Rules and Regulations of the Toronto Home + Gift Show.
  • Ancillary charges and costs for participation will be charged directly to participants at prevailing rates, as dictated by the Canadian Gift Association or its contractors. Any participant that requires specialized displays, tables, counters, dedicated electrical outlets, lead retrieval or other materials, must be ordered and paid for in advance at the participants additional expense and are subject to a deadline designated by Craft Alliance Atlantic. Once confirmed and paid, changes or refunds will not be made for any ancillary charges.
  • Allocated Space: Our trade show booth contractor does not have inventory on hand at the trade show. They only ship what has been ordered in advance of the trade show. Due to the nature of the B2B trade show, set-up and move in procedures, last minutes changes to set-up and the organization and configuration of the booth space will not be permitted.
  • Marketing: Participants are encouraged to market and promote the event through social media channels or other marketing opportunities related to the trade show. Craft Alliance Atlantic will engage in marketing and promotion that may include opportunities where participants may have the option to pay to participate, this may include, but not limited to trade magazines, show guide or other paid promotions.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying or hate-speech of any kind in the Craft Lab Incubator Booth. Any producer who fails to comply with this may be asked to leave the booth at any time and lose their ability to participate in future shows.

The Producer/Participating Company agrees that completing the registration for Craft Lab Incubator comprises an agreement of digital signature of these terms and conditions. The Producer by their signature witnesses that they have fully read and understand the terms, conditions and provisions herein set forth, and agrees to abide and conform to all the said terms, conditions and provisions noted above and contained in the Terms & Conditions of the contract.