Digital Strategy Project

Global Craft Markets: Navigating Pathways to Success is a comprehensive two-year, progressive study on digital technologies and digital strategies for makers, galleries, and the broader community.

Individual consulting reports will be compiled with other consultants’ work into a larger strategy document and will then be used to develop new directions and processes in further study and recommendations as the project moves forward. As research is completed, we will be sharing results and doing further consultation for discovery to inform decisions on future direction.

It is important to note that this research initiative has not been developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is intended primarily, as described in the resulting reports, to offer insights into the developing digital economy for craft & art work worldwide. We recognize however that the pandemic is an important force affecting the worldwide economy and may affect findings.

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International Art & Fine Craft Fairs – Examines which fairs would be most applicable to Canadian fine art and craft Makers, alongside funding resources and other pertinent information for exporters.

Digital Platforms – Identifies digital platforms where Makers may sell their products nationally and globally.

Galleries – Examines how digital tools and online sales is impacting the gallery landscape.

Digital Tools – Identifies those digital tools Makers can utilize for presenting their products online.

Makers – Focuses on digital tools currently used by Makers to design and create work, run their studios, market and share their story, build community, sell work, and grow their creative practice.

Role of Digital Technology in Craft: International Focus Groups – Uncovers how craft artists evaluate the suitability of the platforms and tools available for their own practice, as well as how galleries, collectors and non-profits interact with those platforms.

Role of Digital Technology in Craft: International Survey Report – Pinpoints the views, needs, and a path forward in terms of how members of the arts community (including Makers, Galleries, and End-Consumers) are using digital platforms in the marketing, exhibiting, purchasing, and disseminating of craft.