Via the Canadian Crafts Federation

The CCF/FCMA would like to congratulate Michael Massie on becoming a member of The Order of Canada. He, along with 98 other Canadians, were officially inducted this June. The Order of Canada was first established to pay tribute to extraordinary and influential Canadian citizens who have made great contributions to Canada’s societal landscape. Michael Massie, of Newfoundland and Labrador, is recognized for his work as a sculptor and silversmith.

Massie’s work is inspired by his Inuit, Métis, and Scottish heritage. In an interview with ArtsNL, he describes the stone with which he works as a representation of his Inuit and Métis roots while the metal he smiths speaks to his European heritage. Through this mix of media, he constructs pieces that blends together the stories and traditions of all three cultures.

He is well-known for creating unique and beautiful teapots. One of his latest teapots, entitled “Green Tea,” explores the function and aesthetic of skyscrapers. Comprised of silver and serpentine, this teapot is inspired by how natural forces (especially wind) interacts with manmade architecture.

Michael Massie is a significant contributor to the Canadian arts community and and we are very excited that he was been honoured with such a prestigious award.

Check out his work at SpiritWrestler by clicking here.

View Massie’s full text interview with ArtsNL here.