Craft East Buyers’ Expo – Buyers’ List 2023

Craft East Buyers Expo – Buyers’ List 2023

Here is the Buyers’ list for Craft East Buyers’ for 2023.  This list is provided confidentially to exhibiting companies, for this specific trade show, and is provided for the exclusive use of Craft East 2023 exhibitors for trade show follow-up.  The Buyers’ list is owned and presented here by Craft Alliance Atlantic and is not intended to be shared or transmitted or published in any manner on websites, social media or by other means, without the express written permission of Craft Alliance Atlantic Association.

Craft East Buyers Expo 2023_BUYERS List

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Craft East 2023.


Craft East Buyers’ Expo – Exhibitor Toolkit 2023

Please Review the Exhibitor Kit as You Prepare for Craft East Buyers’ Expo. Click Links below to download PDF document.

Exhibitor Tool Kit 2023

The Exhibitor Kit includes:

Rules and Regulations
Move In Procedures
Move Out Procedures
Craft East Show Awards
Virtual Showcase
New Exhibitor Orientation
Show Specials
Cash and Carry
Booth Assignments 2023

GLOBAL Convention Services Display Order Form – Craft East Expo 2023

Conference Centre booths include white back and side curtains with a draped table and chair. Please contact Global Convention Services directly for anything NOT included in your booth set-up. This would only be exhibitors who want to rent additional display materials, etc.  Suites DO NOT include any display options and you will have to contact Global, should require anything specific for your display.

Virtual Showcase

The Virtual Showcase (see detail in tool kit) is a tool we use to promote the products being shown at the trade show. Products may be shown on various screens across the trade show floor. To have your products in this showcase, email Elle with max 3 jpeg images by Friday, February 3rd, 2023.
Requirements can be found in the exhibitor kit. Be sure to notify us if you want your images from last year’s show carried over to this year.
Send your images to:  Elle Tomie

Hotel Booking:

Hampton Inn is offering a special rate on rooms for our Conference Centre exhibitors. The nightly rate and direct booking link are posted below.  (NOTE: Suite Exhibitors – Your rooms (Suites) at Homewood Suites are already confirmed with Craft East Buyers’ Expo. Contact us if you require extra rooms, for early arrival or late departure, if you have not already done so.)

HAMPTON INN Rate: $135. per night.   Direct Booking Link:

Hotel Venue Site MAP:

Craft East Buyers’ Expo – Parking & Loading at Homewood Suites (Click for larger image)