Craft Alliance Atlantic is looking for a Summer Intern for 2022.  Participants must qualify with the Student Work Placement Program to be eligible for these position and meet the Craft Alliance Atlantic requirements outlined in the job descriptions posted here. Positions will be 16 weeks, starting in May 2022.  Forward your resume to Craft Alliance at

Digital Research & Literacy Coordinator (Summer Intern)  Job Description

The Digital Research & Literacy Coordinator will focus on key research and digital literacy activities in relation to the organizations International project Global Craft Markets: Navigating Pathways to Success, which explores current technologies in the marketing, sales and dissemination of craft and craft products in global markets.

This intern position will be actively involved in the ongoing project development, research, and content creation for digital tools to assist the maker community and to support Craft Alliance in our ongoing research into those digital technologies and trends to support the digital elevation of the local craft maker community in Atlantic Canada.