About buy craft; local


1. to acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying or promising to pay an equivalent, esp. in money; purchase.


1. to make by hand;

2. objects handmade, a trade, or occupation requiring special skill, esp. manual skill and dexterity;

3. an object of functional, decorative and aesthetic value embodying the technical and design skills of a craftsperson with direct control over hand, tool and machine

4. the members of a trade or profession collectively; a guild semi-colon ; 1. used to indicate a coordinating function between the major elements of buy craft; local to focus attention on our key element — craft


1. pertaining to or characterized by place or region; serving the needs of a region or distinct community, like the craft community.

2. local is a state of mind: it’s about making a decision and giving more consideration to support small business, small production and a broader community network. Making support for handmade a priority, whether it be in your city, region or country.

buy craft; local is a project of Craft Alliance ~ Alliance métiers d’arts

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